Juventus goalkeeper pens emotional letter to the goal

Having finally surpassed Sebastiano Rossi’s record for consecutive minutes without conceding, the Bianconeri stopper posted a love letter to the back of his beloved net

Buffon Juventus FC v US Sassuolo Calcio - Serie A

Although Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon’s record-breaking run of minutes without concession came to an end on Sunday, the veteran was in celebratory spirits.

With Andrea Belotti’s penalty for Torino finally ending Buffon’s astonishing 973-minute record, the 38-year-old thanked each of his teammates for helping him along the way.

Buffon continued to reflect on his achievement on Monday afternoon, as he penned a letter to the goal which he has so successfully protected throughout his esteemed career.

“I was 12 years old when I turned my back,” Buffon began on his official Facebook page. “I dismissed my past to ensure a secure future.

“A choice of heart. A choice of instinct. From the very day I stopped looking at your face, I began to love you. To protect you. To be your first and last line of defence.

“I promised myself I would do anything to not cross eyes with you again, or to make these occasions as few as possible. Every time I do it brings me pain, having to turn to realise I have let you down.


“Yet. One more time. We have always been opposites yet we are complementary, like the moon and the sun. Forced to live next to one another without ever being able to touch. Like partners for life who are denied contact.

“Over 25 years ago, I cast my vote: I swore to protect you and keep you safe. I made myself a shield against your enemies. I have always thought about your welfare, putting it first ahead of my own. Every time I turn to look at you, I have to sustain your expression.

“I was 12 when I turned my back on my goal, and I will continue to do so as long as my legs, my head and my heart will allow.”



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