Brazilian side lose goalkeeper to religion

The newly converted Adventist goalkeeper was unwilling to play Saturday games for his club and will be released at the end of his contract

Vitor Londrina

Londrina, a side in Brazil’s Serie B, have had to recruit a new goalkeeper after their current incumbent turned to God and refused to play for them.

Vitor had helped the side to two consecutive promotions before his conversion, which saw him refuse to play for the club between sunset on Friday and Saturday night.

Nothing the club or officials could say was able to sway the shot-stopper, whose new-found Adventism had become the defining force in his life.

Vitor Penais

“I have no fear,” he admitted to Globo Esporte. “I don’t regret my decision. I put my life in God’s hands, knowing that he will take me to where I belong, into a club where I will be accepted. If I can not play football, I will change my profession. It is a choice I have taken after great consideration.”

In light of their goalkeeper being unavailable for a number of their fixtures, Londrina have brought in Marcelo Rangel, who can play every day of the week, and revealed that Vitor’s contract, due to expire in May, will not be renewed.



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